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Jackpot Junkie Winter Series
Date and Time
Beginning: 4/25/2020
Ending: 4/26/2020
*Friday Evening Arrivals allowed 7pm -9pm SATURDAY SCHEDULE 10 - Office Opens 10 to 11:30 - Open Arena 11:45 to 2 - Exhibitions 2 - Pee Wee Barrels 2:30 - OPEN 4D Barrels *Youth 3D Barrels *Adult 3D Barrels *2020 2D Futurity SP *Open 2D Pole Bending SUNDAY SCHEDULE 8 to 9 Open Arena 9 - Show Office Opens 9:30 to 11 - Exhibitions 11 - Pee Wee Barrels 11:30 - OPEN 4D Barrels *Youth 3D Barrels *Adult 3D Barrels *2020 2D Futurity SP *Open 2D Pole Bending FEES ENTRIES ARE CASH ONLY - WE PAYBACK IN CASH Exhibitions $5 Open $30 Youth $20 Adult $20 Poles $20 Futurity $20 Pee Wee $5 *Buy Back $15 Office Fee $5 per rider/day Stall $35 (Stall includes 1 shaving. Horses on ground overnight MUST stall!) Extra Shavings $8 Grounds Fee $15 per/rider weekend (Applies to those NOT stalling) Electric $25/night Friday Early Arrival $5/Horse//stall (arena is not open for riding on Friday) In order to use a stall, you MUST purchase a stall. No tying in barn/alleyway or warm up pens! 80% jackpot of ENTRY FEES 100% jackpot of any added money advertised 4D format 1/2 second splits 3D format 1 second splits 2D barrel futurity - 1 second split (2020 futurity horses eligible 11/15/2019) 2D POLES - 2 second splits, 1 down pole + 5, 2 or more down poles is a no YOUTH - 17 & under as of 1/1/2019 ADULT - 18 and over??????? SERIES BUCKLES/AWARD NOMINATIONS Series nomination is OPTIONAL and you do not have to nominate to participate. $10 per rider to nominate per class (Open or Youth) Nomination must be paid before you run for points to count New nominations not accepted after March 8th event. Points awarded to nominated riders from 7-1 per D starting from the overall fastest class time. Rider may not accumulate pts on more than 1 horse per D in a class. Buckles/Awards will be presented following final series event on April 26th. *BUY BACK RULES* 1. BB must be declared by the conclusion of your drag (declare to gate official) 2. You must declare which class you are buying back for (Open/Youth or Adult) If you wish to BB for open & youth/adult, 2X BB fee applies. 3. BB 1x per horse/class ($15 BB fee) IN CASE OF INCLIMATE WEATHER - TEXT BEFORE YOU HAUL 515-571-4281 EACH EVENT DATE HAS A FACEBOOK EVENT DATE. PLEASE JOIN THE FB EVENT FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE INFO! We reserve the right to cancel dates due to inclimate weather conditions. Cancelled dates will not be rescheduled, but we may offer double shows on certain dates if weather cancellations become an issue. DISCLOSURE: Rider agrees to become familiar with and abide by the rules of this event. Rider understands that Go For Broke Productions (producers of this event) along with the staff and associates of GFBP are not responsible for accident, injury, theft or death to themselves or property while attending, competing, camping or spectating at this event. Rider understands that Go For Broke Productions reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason. WARNING: Under Iowa Law, a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury to or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant of Iowa Code Chapter 673. You are assuming inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity.


Name: Lynde Johnson
Phone: 515-571-4281


Location Name: Iowa Falls, IA
Address: 709 Ellsworth Ave
City: Iowa Falls
State: IA
Zip Code: 50126

Map (click here for directions)

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